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Your one-stop-shop for your Construction Management needs. We have a team of excellent Resident Engineers, (RE), Assistant Resident Engineers (ARE), Inspectors, Project Managers, Storm Water Specialists, and Oversight that allows us to take on tough projects. We provide a hands-on approach from pre-construction through post-construction. Our team customizes resources for every project regardless of size to give you the best service.  

​Services we offer include:

  • Document control

  • Constructability review

  • Bidding support and evaluation

  • Construction Surveying 

  • Biological monitoring

  • Environmental Awareness training

  • Water Quality monitoring

  • Hydroacoustic monitoring

  • Construction inspection

  • Quality assurance 

  • DIR Labor Compliance

  • Review technical submittals

  • Respond to Request for Information

  • Evaluate change order requests and notice of potential claims

  • Coordination with regulatory agencies

  • Construction Contract Administration for compliance with LAPM

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